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  不限工作经验  大专学历   招50人  性别:不限
  英语 良好   年龄:18-35


CostaCruises is part of the Costa Crociere S.p.A group, a well

established tourist operatorbased in Genoa. In turn, the Costa

Crociere S.p.A group is partof Carnival Corporation, one of the

largest cruise operators in the world.

Jobs at Costa Cruises

Job seekers will need to bein tune with Costa’s “Dedication

with a smile at yourservice” motto and candidates who

speak a foreign languagewould be highly regarded.

Possible job opportunitiesmay be found on deck, in the

engine and hotel areas.

Job Profile

*JobTitle: AssistantWaiter

* Department: Restaurant

* LineManager

1stMaitre d’Hotel/2nd Maitre d’Hotel/Assistant



Supportingthe Waiter in service delivery of food and

beveragein the pursuit of excellent guest experience.


Completedbasic schooling with ability to read and write.

Finishedapprentice ship on cruise ship or in hotel restaurant.

Diplomafrom established Hotel School is an asset in successful

integrationof candidate while not essential


Onecontract in same or higher position on cruise ship of

* similarstatus or higher.

Oneyear in same or higher position in restaurant with a

minimum of 50 seats. Table cloth service or“fine dining” service.

*Personal Attributes

Preferablebetween 20 and 35 years old, Service Oriented,

Personable, Outgoing,Flexible Mindset, Team oriented, Detail sensitive.


Englishat stated skill level is critical for success, sense of

balancefor carrying of trays

Main RoleResponsibilities

*standingand walking for a full shift without effort.

* smilingand positive presentation while interacting with Guests during,

afterand between service hours.

* pickingup and delivering F&B items as directed by the Waiter

responsiblefor the station in the Restaurant during all service periods.

* interactingwith Guests to support the Waiter and facilitate Guest

requestson a consistent and continual basis.

* deliveringF&B product skilfully with care and professionalism to Guests

ona consistent and continual basis.

* fillingand refilling bread, butter, water, wine and any other beverage to ensure

complete Guest satisfaction.

* assistingthe Waiter in maintaining the tables and all items needed for complete


* retrievingF&B stuffs as well as other supplies from storage and

productionfacilities in allareas, including in the lower parts of the ship,

fordispensing in the Self Service Restaurant.

* assistingGuests to find their assigned table and with pulling out

chairsin courtesy.

*retrievingused and dirty items from the tables, “bussing”, and

deliveringthem to the dishwashing area using “garbage separation”

as per direction by VSM andobserving care to prevent breakage


* retrievingdebris and using “garbage separation” as per direction

byVSM and Dining Room Manual then deliver the waste to assigned


* maintainingcleanliness and organization in the dishwashing areas

atall times, including collection and removal of all debris as needed

anddirected by Supervisors and Managers.

*followingall sanitation standards as applicable in accordance with

VSMSOP at all times.

* maintainingcleanliness and all sanitation standards inaccordance

withVSM in all service stations during service delivery.

*cleaningand sanitize the assigned service station and storage

cabinetsas well drawers.

*cleaningof all working areas as assigned by supervisors at the end

ofeach shift.

* performing“Side Jobs” in accordance with the Department manual

andfollowing any direction given by Supervisors or Managers.

* cleaningall areas of the restaurant as directed (following sanitation standards),

tables,chairs, floors, carpets, window dressings, walls,art work, ceilings, windows

andany other area as directed by the Supervisors and Managers.

* supportthe Self Service Restaurant during Breakfast and Lunch, as well as other

* serviceperiods, on a regular basis as directed by on board Management.

As we continue moving forward, transforming the cruise industry, we invite you to explore career opportunities that could put you at the center of our story. All positions with Fluent English requirement . To apply to work onboard our ships, you must

•Be 18 years old and above
•Be able to speak, read, and write English
•Be willing to share a cabin
•Be willing to commit to a 6 or 8 month assignment
•Be able to obtain Seaman Book and join the ship in 3-6 months period.



电 话:025-87763636
传 真:025-87763626
联 系 人:jessica
地 址:江苏省南京市浦口区浦东大厦


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