销售主任 Sales Executive

  • 国际五星级酒店  |
  • 150-500人  |
  • 2020-11-26

  不限工作经验  不限学历   招1人  性别:不限
  不限 不限 不限   年龄:不限


• Monitors competitors activities and assists in marketing intelligence
• 监督竞争对手的活动并协助监察市场动态。
• Refers sales leads to appropriate personnel within the InterContinental Hotels Group
• 在洲际酒店集团的范围内将销售线索提供给适合的人员。
• Sells to new, existing and prospective customers considering goals set forth in the sales strategy, negotiating optimum rate for the benefit of the business
• 根据在销售策略中既定目标,向新的、现有的、有可能的客户进行销售,并与其谈判商定最适合的价格以争取最大的利润。
• Services existing business through management of account bases
• 通过客户管理,向现有的客户提供服务。
• Sell all facets of the hotel
• 销售酒店的所有设施。
• Manage the corporate head office and the preferred hotel history for that company
• 管理公司总部档案和了解公司优先使用的酒店记录。
• Develop and maintain a regular pattern of sales calls, meeting with principals of target market
• 设立和保持定期的销售拜访模式,与目标市场的主要人物会面。
• Provides direction on, and conducts market research and analysis
• 指导和进行市场调研和分析。
• Develops and maintains contact with business generators, meeting and convention planners, visitors/convention bureau, travel agents, tour operators, airlines, corporate accounts, Government Departments and other producers closely allied to Hotel business
• 根据酒店的营业需要,与业务联系人、会务策划者、游客和会展局、旅行社、旅游运营商、航空公司、公司客户、政府部门和其它客人发展并保持联系。
• Builds profile within local market place through attendance at various events and local market place
• 通过参与当地市场的各种活动在当地市场上树立良好形象。
• Conduct client interviews
• 对客户进行拜访。
• Entertain clients
• 招待客户。
• Plan and conduct familiarization tours and site inspections
• 策划并实施使客人熟悉环境的现场考察活动。
• Travel when required to promote the hotel and develop potential business
• 需要时出差对酒店进行推销,发展潜在的业务机会。
• Maintain regular contact with the IHG hotels in your region and the regional reservation office
• 与所在区域内的洲际酒店集团成员和区域预订办公室保持定期联系。
• Monitors existing business and inputs into sales strategy meetings to maximize business
• 监测现有业务,并在销售策略会上提出建议以扩大业务。
• Grows existing business and establishes and pursues leads which will develop business
• 发展现有业务,并建立和寻找发展业务的机会。
• Interfaces with operations on a timely basis
• 及时与运营部门进行沟通。
• Initiates and prepares tenders for business
• 起动和筹备业务招标工作。
• Assesses sales and marketing data
• 评估市场销售数据。
• Assists with the preparation of new products and services
• 协助新产品和服务的准备工作。
• Assists in the evaluation of sales and marketing activities
• 协助评估市场销售活动。
• Analyses sales mix and likely impact on hotel goals
• 分析销售综合计划和可能对酒店目标产生的影响。
• Implement direction from Director of Sales and Marketing and Regional Managers
• 按市场销售总监与地区经理们的指示执行相关工作。
• Liaison with advertising agency
• 与广告机构保持联系。
• Stock control of collateral
• 宣传品的库存控制。
• Collateral input
• 设计宣传品内容。
• Execute advertising/creative briefs in a timely manner
• 及时进行广告设计的说明工作。


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传 真:(021)33029992
联 系 人:人力资源部
地 址:上海市黄浦区中山东二路585号





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