Business Development Manager / Executive 销售经理 / 主任

  • 国际五星级酒店  |
  • 150-500人  |
  • 2019-10-19

  三年以上工作经验  不限学历   招1人  性别:不限
  英语 精通   年龄:25-45



·         Plan sales activities and submit report on weekly basis and follow through feedback and leads obtained at all sales activities.


·         Performs secretarial tasks for S&M Division.


·         Competent in the hotel’s sales and catering systems, includes but not limited to Opera.


·         Prepare proposal and handover to Catering & Event team while ready to issue contracts.


·         Maintain the customer and business database in Opera and participates in direct marketing assignments.


·         Attend to the sales phone calls and pick up the phone within 3 rings.


·         Act on guests’ requests and provide initial suggestions to sales enquiries during the absence of sales people.


·         Handle department’s incoming and outgoing mails/faxs/correspondence.


·         Distribute sales leads immediately and ensure Sales Team respond within 24 hours.


·         Coordinate and conduct educational or familiarization groups with business potential together with the Sales & Events team.


·         Lead site-inspections when required.


·         Organize and manager departmental share folders with coordinators to ensure the information is updated and clear.


·         Prepare requisite and stock management of collateral, printed material, stationery, corporate gifts and promotional items to ensure Sales team can use the tools and materials to meet customer requirement effectively.


·         Raise the sponsorship letters, vouchers and purchase requisition forms.


·         Prepare/consolidate of sales trips schedules.


·         Ensure proper filling and indexing of all documents in S&M.


·         Attend the weekly S&M meeting from time to time, and take minutes of meetings and deliver the follow up and actions to the related members on next day.


·         Work on attendance record for the S&M department to ensure the information is all accurate and deliver to HR on time.


·         Responsible to update departmental A&BP actual and forecast at monthly basis to review with DOSM.



电 话:021-80119999-6803
联 系 人:人力资源部
电子邮箱: amanyangyun.hr@aman.com
地 址:上海市闵行区元江路6161弄


关 于 养 云 安 缦

养云安缦 – 安缦集团位于中国的第四家度假村,已于2018年春季盛大开幕!度假村位于上海市郊,拥有宁谧幽静的地理位置。度假村拥有24间现代单卧室套房及13间明清古宅院落;六个餐饮设施包含一家拥有7间私人包房的中餐厅、一家意大利餐厅、一家粤式火锅餐厅、一间酒吧、一间雪茄吧以及一个可容纳200名宾客的宴会厅。充满诗意的度假村里还有综合水疗中心,为宾客提供健康疗养的全方位服务。宾客可在楠书房体验一系列中国传统文化活动。养云安缦邀请客人领略当代上海生机勃勃的都市节奏、多元化美食和丰富文化,同时也让客人体验古樟树林出尘绝世之美,以及安缦诞生近三十年来誉满全球的优质服务和好客之道。

About Amanyangyun

With the grand opening in spring 2018, set in a forest of tranquillity just beyond the bright lights and cosmopolitan bustle of Shanghai, Amanyangyun is a celebration of nature, an astonishing feat of human endeavour, and a sanctuary to stir the soul. Thirteen Ming and Qing dynasty dwellings, now four-bedroom Antique Villas with pools, together with 24 contemporary one-bedroom Club Suites make up the resort’s room inventory and are seamlessly interspersed throughout Amanyangyun’s expansive grounds, comprising some of the rescued millenarian trees and ornamental lakes. The resort is also home to six dining venues, including an Italian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant with seven private dining rooms, The Bar, The Cigar Lounge, Hot Pot Restaurant, and a 200-seat banquet hall. The resort’s comprehensive Aman Spa, with its idyllic setting is devoted to holistic health, fitness and wellbeing. It invites guests to experience the electric urban energy, multinational dining and cultural richness of modern-day Shanghai, the seclusion and tranquillity of the ancient camphor forest, and the signature service and warm welcome that has characterised Aman for almost three decades.

我 们 的 荣 誉 Our Honor

1 Gold List 2018 - Conde Nast Traveler
2 World’s 100 Greatest Hotels - most anticipated opening - Harper’s Bazaar
3 Most Anticipated Opening in 2018 (最受瞩目新开业) - Travel + Leisure
4 Most Anticipated Opening in 2018 (最受瞩目新开业) - Vogue
5 最受瞩目新开业 Most anticipated opening - 《胡润百富》 Hurun Report
6 最受瞩目新开业 Most anticipated opening - That’s Shanghai
7 最受瞩目新开业 Most anticipated opening - That's Beijing
8 最受瞩目新开业 Most anticipated opening - 《城市旅游》City Traveler
9 最受瞩目新开业 Most anticipated opening - 上海日报 Shanghai Daily
10 BEST OF THE BEST 2018 - Robb Report
11 “凡尔赛”奖World Winner of Prix Versailles 2018 - Prix Versailles
12 最佳设计婚宴场地 Most beautifully designed wedding venue - 《酒店婚礼》Hotel Wedding
13 最佳酒店设计 Best hotel design - 《时尚先生》Esquire
14 最受瞩目新开业 Most anticipated opening - 《尚流》Tatler
15 中国最佳100家酒店 China Top 100 Hotels - Conde Nast Traveler
16 中国珍贵名木保护示范基地 - N/A from China Eco Association
17 HOT LIST 2018 - Conde Nast Traveler
18 HOT LIST 2018 - Conde Nast Traveler悦游
19 2018年KOL公信力金榜(最佳新开业酒店) - N/A 5位最具影响力KOL
20 最佳新开业酒店2018 Best newly opened hotel 2018 - Travel +Leisure China 漫旅
21 最佳新开业酒店2018 Best newly opened hotel 2018 - DestinAsian
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23 金钥匙中国服务贡献奖(另有金钥匙服务个人奖) - 金钥匙
24 BEST 50 – 最佳奢华酒店 – 养云安缦 - ShanghaiWOW
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