绍兴余坤喜来登酒店Shaoxing Yukun Sheraton Hotel
  • 国际五星级酒店  |
  • 150-500人  |
  • 2020-08-13

  三年以上工作经验  不限学历   招1人  性别:不限
  英语 熟练   年龄:不限



  1. 负责监测、分析、挖掘经营和销售业务数据,并定期形成报表、分析建议报告,帮助决策层及时准确了解经营销售状况。
  2. 负责外部信息采集,熟悉酒店上下游产业,就行业发展趋势、竞争对手进行分析研究,为公司经营决策提供参考。
  3. 协定年度市场营销计划和阶段性的经营指标,并监督各成员酒店执行。
  4. 制定各细分市场的价格体系,监督各细分市场的价格策略运行。
  5. 联动各成员酒店客房、餐饮收益管理系统引进和专项收益管理技能研发。
  6. 负责酒店产品的收益风险管理,如包房协议、挂账协议等,保证收益最大化负责各成员酒店收益管理人才的培养,提升整体收益管理团队水平。

  1. 至少3年及以上酒店收益管理工作经验,有外资收益管理经验优先。
  2. 具有良好的英语口语及书面表达能力。
  3. 思维敏锐,具备较强的沟通能力、市场分析能力、报告撰写能力和风险管理能力。
  4. 服从上海绍兴出差委派。



  1. Be responsible for monitoring, analyzing and mining business and sales data, and regularly form reports, analysis and suggestion reports to help the decision-making level understand the business and sales situation in a timely and accurate manner.
  2. Be responsible for external information collection, be familiar with the upstream and downstream industries of hotels, analyze and study the industry development trend and competitors, and provide reference for the company's business decision-making.
  3. Agree annual marketing plan and phased operation targets, and supervise the implementation of member hotels.
  4. Formulate the price system of each market segment and supervise the price strategy operation of each market segment.
  5. Linkage with the introduction of guest room and catering revenue management system of each member hotel and the research and development of special revenue management skills.
  6. Be responsible for the revenue risk management of hotel products, such as the room charter agreement and the account registration agreement, etc., ensure the maximization of revenue, be responsible for the training of revenue management talents of each member hotel, and improve the overall revenue management team level.

  1. At least 3 years working experience in hotel revenue management, experience in foreign revenue management is preferred.
  2. Good command of spoken and written English.
  3. Sharp thinking, strong communication ability, market analysis ability, report writing ability and risk management ability.
  4. Obey the appointment of Shaoxing, Shanghai.


电 话:0575-82977781
联 系 人:人力资源部
地 址:绍兴市上虞区江西路1001号余坤广场


绍兴余坤喜来登酒店是由上海余坤集团按五星标准打造并引进万豪旗下经典豪华品 牌“喜来登”运营的豪华商务酒店,是余坤集团旗下的首家国际品牌豪华旗舰酒店。

酒店所在主楼层高 180 米与 120 米的商务中心联成双塔楼,流线型的建筑外观,全落地式的玻璃幕墙设计,形成南北通透的绝佳光照优势,近乎完美的 270 度一线江景 体验,城市风光一览无余。酒店位于上虞经济开发区曹娥江畔,紧邻城市阳台和音乐喷泉,是上虞“一江两岸” 和“拥江西进”战略重点项目,也是上虞酒店地标性建筑。毗邻 E 游小镇等重点特色项 目,距离杭州萧山国际机场仅 40 分钟车程,抵达杭州和宁波亦均只需 1 小时的车程。

酒店拥有各类豪华江景客房 408 套/间,坐拥曹娥江一线景观。盛宴西餐厅、采悦轩、中餐厅等多个特色餐厅,为世界各国宾客提供特色中西式菜肴。拥有 1 个面积 2500 平米的豪华无柱式宴会厅,还有 12 个不同规格的宴会会议场地。此外,酒店还拥有多项健康休闲活动场所,将健身、养生、休闲与商务社交活动完美融合,室内游泳 池、健身中心、乒乓球室、台球房等休闲健身设施一应俱全,引领时尚健康风潮。


Shaoxing Yukun Sheraton Hotel is a luxury business hotel built by Shanghai Yukun group according to the five-star standard and operated by the classic luxury brand "Sheraton" under Wanhao. It is the first international brand luxury flagship hotel under Yukun group.

The main building of the hotel is 180 meters high and the business center of 120 meters is connected into a double tower building. The streamlined architectural appearance and the full floor type glass curtain wall design form the best lighting advantage of North-South transparency. The nearly perfect 270 degree river view experience and the city scenery are all in one view. The hotel is located on the Bank of Caoe River in Shangyu Economic Development Zone, close to the city balcony and music fountain. It is a strategic key project of "one river and two banks" and "embracing the river to the west" in Shangyu, and also a landmark building of Shangyu hotel. It is adjacent to E-Tour town and other key characteristic projects, only 40 minutes’ drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and only 1 hour’s drive to Hangzhou and Ningbo.

The hotel has 408 sets of Deluxe river view guest rooms, with the first-line view of Cao’e River. The Grand Banquet Western restaurant, caiyuexuan, Chinese restaurant and many other characteristic restaurants provide the world’s guests with characteristic Chinese and Western dishes. With an area of 2500 square meters, it has a luxurious pillar free banquet hall, and 12 banquet and conference venues of different specifications. In addition, the hotel also has a number of health and leisure venues, which perfectly integrate fitness, health, leisure and business social activities. Indoor swimming pool, fitness center, table tennis room, billiards room and other leisure and fitness facilities are all available, leading the fashion and health trend.


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