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驻店经理Residence Manager

Cohost 上海后社物业管理有限公司
徐汇区 浦东新区
  • 物业及服务式公寓  |
  • 50-150人  |
  • 2020-05-30

  三年以上工作经验  大专学历   招若干人  性别:不限
  不限 不限 不限   年龄:不限


工作地点:后社张江•浦东新区百业路178 或 后社西岸•徐汇区百色路218号

  1. 工作年限:3年以上服务式公寓/五星级国际品牌酒店的实际经验。
  2. 教育背景:酒店、旅游或经济管理专业大专以上学历。
  3. 语言:汉语(普通话)、英语(高级)
  4. 经验:市场或者租赁背景,有酒店或物业开业筹备经验者优先考虑。

  1. 运用收益管理原则进行库存管理,参与销售行动计划管理,参与市场分析。
  2. 全面管理物业资产,确保资产的长期投资价值。
  3. 与业主保持良好关系。负责财务规划和协调,以提高生产力和投资回报。
  4. 确保经营行为符合相关法律法规。
  5. 跟进维护与销售相关的客户关系。
  6. 按照规定和约定实现关键绩效指标。
  7. 完成任何其他合理的职责和被指派的职责。
Work location: CWB 218 Baise Road, CZJ178 Baiye Road
Keywords:Mature, responsible, relevant background, cultural fit, bilingual

  1. Years of working: 3+ years practical management experience in serviced apartments/five-star international branded hotels.
  2. Education: Major in hotel, tourism or economic management with Junior College degree or above.
  3. Language: Chinese (standard mandarin), English(advanced)
  4. Experience: Extensive operational management expertise and financial knowledge. Familiar with local legislation and regulations. Good teamwork and communication skills, able to withstand strong pressure.

  1. Involve in management of sales action plan, inventory management with yield management principles, and participate in market competition analysis.
  2. Overall management of property assets and ensure a long-term investment value of assets. Maintain good relationships with the owners. Responsible for financial planning and coordination to improve productivity and return on investment.
  3. Ensure that all the property behaviors comply with all relevant laws and regulation acts.
  4. Follow and develop customer relationships beside with sales.
  5. Achieve Key Performance Indicators as set and agreed to.
  6. Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.


联 系 人:赵女士
地 址:上海市徐汇区百色路218号,浦东新区百业路178号


Cohost是一个以合居为理念的长租公寓品牌, 专注于为我们的社区成员提供优质的设计、共享的社区和健康的生活。我们是一个年轻且充满活力的团队, 尝试用不同的方式思考问题。我们正在寻找合适的人来共同创造这一旅程。

Cohost is a community of long term co-living apartments for our members focused on good design, shared community and healthy living. We are a young, dynamic team who challenge ourselves to think differently, and we are looking for the right people to help create the journey together.

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