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  三年以上工作经验  大专学历   招1人  性别:不限
  英语 熟练   年龄:不限


This position is responsible for achieving the revenue goals of Transient Corporate business of the hotel. This position is also required to specifically develop and manage ALL Transient Corporate and potential Groups businesses (for preferred and non-preferred accounts). 该职位负责实现酒店短期业务的收入目标。该职位还需要专门开发和管理所有短期公司和潜在集团的业务(优先和非优先客户)。

• To achieve budgeted revenue in respective area/segment, and any sales goals being assigned. 完成各区域/部门的预算收入和分配的销售目标。
• To make daily and regular sales calls on potential accounts or being assigned, and keep up-to-date on the clients’ needs and sell the products and services of the hotel 对潜在客户或被指派的客户进行日常和定期的销售拜访,了解客户的最新需求,销售酒店的产品和服务
• Maximize the full potential of accounts, make sure that their full potential is tapped. 最大化客户的全部潜力,确保他们的全部潜力被挖掘。
• Through operation stealth to tap new target accounts from competitors 通过秘密行动从竞争对手那里挖掘新的目标客户
• To seek for new sales leads and convert qualified transient and group leads according to rate structure and promotion rates根据价格结构和促销价格,寻找新的销售线索,并转化合格的暂态和群体销售线索
• To meet and serve in-house FIT clients, and to make the best use of daily selling time by proper sales call plan. 与公司内部的客户见面并提供服务,通过适当的销售拜访计划,充分利用每天的销售时间。
• By regularly show around and entertaining clients, to make sure that they are updated with the hotel facility and promotions. 定期参观并招待客人,确保他们了解酒店设施和促销活动的最新情况。
• To keep in touch with current business trends in the community through internet, media and trade journals. 通过互联网、媒体和行业期刊,与社区当前的商业趋势保持联系。
• To maintain the corporate image of the company by including presentations on NSO/GSO and new hotels by JJPH. 通过介绍NSO/GSO和JJPH的新酒店来维护公司形象。
• To maintain daily sales activities record and update account development action plan and account develop master sheet by regular basis维护日常销售活动记录,定期更新客户发展计划和客户发展主表
• To update database weekly of all assigned accounts每周更新所有指定客户的数据库
• Be directly accountable for the attainment of safety and security standards of team members直接对团队成员的安全和保安标准的实现负责
• To ensure smooth responses to clients by communicating timely and efficiently. •通过及时有效的沟通,确保对客户的反应顺畅。
• Sales Trip arrangement according to business calendar or whenever being assigned. 根据商务日程或任何被分配的时间安排销售旅行。
• Cross selling of JJPH family hotels JJPH旗下酒店的交叉销售
• Develop and maintain a high level of communication with the management and sales team of hotels in China. 与中国的酒店管理层和销售团队保持高度的沟通。
• Comply and guidance to NSO/GSO with all company polices遵守并指导NSO/GSO执行公司各项政策
• To carry out special projects assigned执行指定的特殊项目
• To represent the hotel at functions, conference and exhibitions as required. 根据需要代表酒店出席各种活动、会议和展览。
• Assist the DOS / ADSM / DOSM to compile necessary reports and data. 协助DOS / ADSM / DOSM编写必要的报告和数据。
• Obtain market and competitors information and update on all happenings within the city/country on a regular basis. 获取市场和竞争对手的信息,并定期更新所在城市/国家的所有动态。
• To work with the DOS / ADSM / DOSM in reviewing market situation and set up new strategy in a timely manner与DOS / ADSM / DOSM一起回顾市场情况并及时制定新的战略
• To supervise and monitor Sales Executive and Sales Manager’s daily task and provide proper training if necessary. 监督和监督销售总监和销售经理的日常工作,必要时提供适当的培训。
• Attend training programs the hotel decides the individual needs to continue to grow. 参加培训项目酒店决定个人需求以继续成长。

Other Considerations 除此以外:
1. Attend the sales briefing on daily basis. 参加每天的销售简报。
2. Attend the weekly sales communication meeting on Friday参加周五的每周销售沟通会议。
3. Daily / Weekly / monthly sales report. 销售日报/周报/月报。
4. Update account develop master sheet and key account development action Plan更新客户开发主表和大客户开发行动。
5. Business forecast on his/her territory. 所在地区的业务预测

• Good command of spoken and written English and Mandarin良好的英语和普通话听说读写能力
• Minimum 3 years hotel sales experience. 至少具有3年的酒店销售经验。
• Presentable good grooming and with a pleasant outgoing disposition. 仪容整洁,性格开朗外向。
• Able to work independently, patient, polite. 能够独立工作,有耐心,有礼貌。
• Possess enthusiasm drive, initiative. 具有热情、动力和主动性。


电 话:021-62101127 or 62480000*4580
联 系 人:Lisa Li 李经理
地 址:上海市静安区华山路250静安昆仑大酒店3楼人力资源部



同年,在中国经济发展最迅速的城市 - 上海,静安地区最早的一家国际品牌酒店 – 曾经的上海希尔顿酒店隆重亮相。创造了之后三十年的辉煌,酒店以卓越的服务和持续回馈社区的承诺而闻名,在上海酒店行业的历史上赢得了瞩目的地位,是当之无愧的标志性酒店。



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