人力资源部实习生 HR Trainee

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  • 2020-11-29

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Main Duties



§  确保办公室行政工作的高效运行。

Ensures efficient office administration procedures.

§  确保所有人事记录在人事系统中的保存,归档以及更新。

Ensures that all personnel records are maintained filed and updated in the HR System.

§  保证所有人事文件使用的准确性和机密性。

Ensures Human Resources documents are properly routed with strict accuracy and confidentiality.

§  通过以下活动汇集并保持最新的人事记录:

Compiles and maintains personnel records by performing the following duties.

§  在人事系统中记录准确的员工信息,如员工个人资料、员工补偿、福利、所得税信息、出勤、个人表现评估以及员工终止合同日期及终止合同原因。

Records accurate associate information such as personal data, compensation, benefits, tax data, attendance, performance reviews or evaluations, and termination date and reason in the HR System.

§  根据要求做好档案系统的保持和更新。

Maintains and updates manual and computerised filing system.

§  制作准确和最新的员工信息报告并进行人事记录,提供准确的员工信息给财务部以制定工资或其他用途。

Provides accurate and updated HR reports of associate files to document personnel actions and to provide information for payroll and other uses.


§  保存所有记录和信息。

Maintains all records and information.

§  严格遵守酒店的政策和程序。

Complies with hotel’s Policies & Procedures.


Other Duties

§  按要求出席所有的会议并对会议做出贡献。

Attends and contributes to all Meetings as required.

§  始终提供有礼貌、专业的服务。

Provides courteous and professional service at all times.

§  协助招聘工作;准备和发表空缺岗位信息;联系求职者以备面试;筛选合适的简历,安排约见面试;推荐合适的求职者给相关部门经理;对求职者进行背景调查,并进行归档。

Assists in recruitment activities, prepares and posts vacancy announcements, contacts applicants for screening interviews; screens applications and resumes; arranges interviews appointment and refers suitable candidates to Department Heads; checks and documents applicant references.

§  协助员工表扬表彰活动的协调工作。

Assists with the coordination of the associate recognition programmes.

§  协助核查以保证员工设施的标准,比如:员工更衣室、员工餐厅、员工公寓及员工吸烟区。

Assists by checking to ensure all associate facilities are maintained within standards, i.e. Associate Lockers, Employee Restaurant, Associate Dormitory and Associate’s smoking area.

§  根据安排出席酒店和部门的培训,以提高技能和知识。

Willingly attends hotel training sessions as scheduled to improve skills and knowledge.

§  以礼貌、高效的态度来处理客人和员工的要求, 如果没有立即解决的方式,则进行汇报,并及时进行跟进。

Handles guest and associate enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or problems if no immediate solution can be found, whilst providing feedback for a prompt follow up.

§  熟知对雇员及雇佣关系中的相关法律法规。理解并严格执行员工手册中的规章制度,以及和酒店政策相关的消防、卫生、健康和安全的制度。

Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in associate and industrial relations, understanding and strictly adhering to Rules & Regulations established in the Associate Handbook and the Hotel’s policies concerning fire, hygiene and health & safety.

§  保持高标准的个人形象和仪容仪表。

Ensures high standards of personal presentation & grooming.

§  准备录用信;协助完成新员工的入职工作。

Prepares letters of offer; assist in new associate orientation.

§  保持更新求职人员名单和求职者简历。

Maintains an updated list of applicants and applicant files.

§  与客人和同事保持基于良好工作关系的接触。

Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.

§  工作认真负责,并保证自己的言行举止在任何时候都能代表酒店和凯悦国际。

Exercises responsible management and behaviour at all times and positively representing the Hotel and Hyatt International.

§  协助并积极参加所有人力资源部的活动。

Assists and participates in all Human Resources activities.

§  确保办公室资料机密性。

Ensures and practices the utmost protection of office’s confidentiality.

§  根据酒店、行业和公司的指引,回应需求、进行调整,执行任何合理的任务及额外职责。

Responds to requests to undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties and to changes as dictated by the Hotel, industry and company.



电 话:021-39183820
联 系 人:人力资源部
地 址:上海市嘉定区裕民南路1366号


Designed by world-renowned architect Tadao Ando, our landmark address shines as a beacon of contemporary culture and lifestyle above Jiading New City. A stunning centerpiece of Jiading CBD’s impressive masterplan, the hotel stands adjacent to Shanghai Poly Grand Theater, Yuan Xiang Lake and Jiading Library, forming a vibrant cultural nexus in northwest Shanghai.

The location offers convenient access to the Shanghai International Race Circuit, Anting International Automobile City and Jiading Industry Zone. Guests can discover 800 years of local culture at nearby Nanxiang Old Town and Anting Old Street. The National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao International Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station are also a short drive away.

Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, you’ll feel fully refreshed in our 304 savvy guestrooms, including 23 suites, four executive suites and a presidential suite. Styled with residential warmth and modern art murals, each room showcases panoramic lake or city views and smart technology to keep you connected.

Discover Hyatt's reputation for dining excellence at sky-high restaurants and eateries – Xiang Yue Chinese restaurant, Market Café interactive dining and The Lounge – all with top-of-the-city views and sleek designs. The Pastry Shop on the Ground Floor also provides freshly baked pastries, cakes and beverages.

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