Assistant Executive Housekeeper 行政副管家

  • 国际五星级酒店  |
  • 500人以上  |
  • 2020-01-21

  八年以上工作经验  大专学历   招1人  性别:不限
  英语 良好   年龄:不限


• To coordinate with Executive Housekeeper to hire and train new employees and supervise housekeeping personnel through complete knowledge of personal history of each for the smooth operation of the Department. 协助配合行政管家雇佣及培训新员工,为了确保部门的平稳运行要了解本部门员工及掌握本部门的人事状况
• To revise daily work schedule and control days off and vacation, according to latest occupancy. 根据最新客房出租率,更改班次时刻表及安排休假与加班
• To patrol and inspect rooms, restaurants, bars, banquet rooms, staff locker rooms, offices and public area etc. several times a day to maintain cleanliness. If any problems found, request Engineering Department to repair or recommend rooms which should be taken out of order in coordination with Executive Housekeeper. 每天巡察几次客房、餐厅、酒吧、宴会厅、员工更衣室、办公室、公共区域等,确保其清洁度。如果发现有任何问题,立即要求工程部进行抢修或与行政管家联系将房间封房以供维修
• To coordinate with the Front Office to ascertain rooms are available through hourly and daily information and when requested by the Front Office coordinates cleaning rooms for other purpose like office. 与前厅部经常联系提供信息,确保客房的可用性,并且有时要按照具体要求将房间改造,如成为办公房
• To inspect and maintain good working condition of appliances for cleaning in coordination with Engineering Department. 工程部密切配合,检查确保清洁用具的正常使用与维护
• To plan cleaning schedule of all relevant area and execute cleaning jobs, waxing, carpet shampoo, polishing metals and cleaning windows etc. according to the plan. 对酒店内外所有相关区域制订定期清理计划,并且按照计划进行清理工作如为地板打蜡、为金属器具打光、清洁窗户等
• To supervise Laundry Department to keep linens and uniform of each department in the best condition. 监督洗衣房为各个部门准备最佳状态的布草和工服
• To recommend new purchases to the Executive Housekeeper to coordinate with the purchasing agent. 向行政管家提出新的采购计划,并与采购部门协调联系
• To supervise contract cleaners who in charge of cleaning outside windows, and curtain walls. 监督清洗酒店外墙及慕墙的临时清洗工的工作
• To assume responsibilities of Executive Housekeeper in his absence. 当行政管家不在时行使行政管家的权利
• To coordinate and follow up repairs and trouble reports. 整理及制订维修报表
• To record all the extra work performed by housekeeping personnel. 记录下客房部员工的加班情况
• To recommend rooms which should be taken out of order. 发现并提出维修房
• To maintain proper stock of guest service items such as extra bed, baby crib, flower vase and hair dryer etc. for immediate service when requested by the room guest and who record in and out to inventory. 建立一个客房用品库存量: 像加床、婴儿床、花瓶、吹风机等,以便给急需的客人提供快速的服务
• To evaluate staff constantly according to his / her daily performances. 根据员工的每日表现经常为员工做评估

OTHER: To exchange information with Housekeeping Departments of major competitive hotels and suggest the better product whenever comes up. 与其它主要竞争酒店的客房部交流信息,关注任何新事物,随时改善酒店产品



电 话:021-63229988*4393
联 系 人:人力资源部
地 址:上海市黄浦区中山东一路2号



餐饮公开招聘日 - 餐厅服务员 | 餐厅领位员

每周一、周二 下午14:00-16:00

地址:上海黄浦区中山东一路2号 百味园餐厅



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Transportation Information交通信息
Railway Route地铁路线
Line-2: Please get off at Nanjing East Road Station though Exit-Three, then about 15 minutes walking distance to hotel.
Line-10: Please get off at Yu Yuan Station though Exit-one, then about 10 minutes walking distance to hotel.

-2F, No. 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Huang Pu District, Shanghai 200002, P.R.C

Please bring a photo (2.5X3.5cm) in color, ID card, a copy of your certificates and other qualifications.

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